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From Purchase to Placement: Navigating the Journey

In preparation for delivery of your container we have developed some best practices below. You can also watch our "What to expect" video at the link below!

Preparing for Your Delivery


Delivery Space

Our delivery partners require at least 100' of straight space for drop sites and 10' Wide by 14' Tall for driving path.



Choose a site that is free from any potential safety hazards as well as mud, ice, ditches, snow, or excess water.



Choose a site that is level or can be made level prior to delivery. This will ensure proper function of doors.



If a foundation is desired be sure to have everything ready prior to delivery day to guarantee a smooth offload!



Prior to delivery be on the lookout for any weather events that may put the driver in a sticky situation. If the need to reschedule arrises email Customer Care !

Foundation Options

Foundations in Use!

There are many ways to ensure your container has a secure - long lasting foundation - here are some examples!

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